Nature Cure

Orthopathy or Natural Hygiene – an alternative way of treatment

Natural Hygiene or Orthopathy, which was just a theory at its inception level, took the form of a practice with proponents like Dr Herbert Shelton in 1830s. Shelton’s definition of Natural Hygiene or Orthopathy says:

“Orthopathy comes from the Greek. Ortho means erect, regular, right, and correct, and Pathos means ‘to suffer’. The word means Right or Correct Suffering, and is intended to convey the thought that when one is sick, his condition is governed by law as truly as when he is well.”

Orthopathy took the form of practice after passing the ‘rigid and unbiased method of modern science, the induction – deduction method. All sciences owe their advances and stability to this method.’

Natural Hygiene is considered a successful alternative medicine that assures human body can and will heal itself during pain if the cause of disease is removed. However, this technique acknowledges that it would not be helpful for certain conditions such as diabetes. For chronic conditions it recommends a strict supervision of a professional practitioner.

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