Nature Cure

What Makes Up Nature Cure

Naturopathy is a very old science of “Art of living”. It teaches us how we should live and eat and how our daily routine should be. The methods of Nature Cure not only help us in attaining freedom from disease but also bring positive health with their regular follow up. It is a therapeutic method in which healing is provided through preparations such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbs. It is a method of healing diseases using food, exercise and heat. It does not make use of surgery and medications.

Nature Cure Treatments include

Fasting Therapeutic Baths Earth Cure

Water Cure Massage Colour Therapy

Juice Therapy Sleep Therapy Acupressure

Air bath, Sunbath, massage and exercise are the other useful methods of curing diseases. Air bath and sun bath revive dead skin and help maintain it. Exercise, especially yogic asanas, promotes inner health and harmony and helps eliminate all tension: physical, mental and emotional. Massage soothes, relaxes and quickens blood circulation and the metabolic process.

Along with getting nature cure treatment a well-balanced diet, sufficient physical exercise and the observation of other laws of well-being like fresh air can ensure proper health and prevent diseases.

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