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Natural Benefits of Fasting

Unlike our minds, the human body works relentlessly. It also needs its share of rest. By fasting, you provide your digestive system with the rest it needs from any rough treatment you have exposed it to by overeating and eating irregularly.

Benefits of fasting:

By fasting, you give your body the opportunity to get rid of toxins, to keep a sane and balanced mind.

It helps eliminate addictions, bad habits , besides also helping your palate recover its natural sensitivity to simple food. You now no longer crave for salt, sugar, fats and processed foods.

Fasting is also a time when your body can do its internal cleaning. In fact, it is regarded as a medical procedure,  which helps restore homeostasis, strengthening the immune system and healing illnesses and disorders.

It cleanses the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and urinary systems, destroying impurities all over the body and eliminates uric acid deposits.

Fasting also helps reduce the core body temperature. This happens when the metabolic rate and general body functions slow down due to a fall in the blood sugar level. At this time, growth hormones are also released, because more hormones are produced now.

The most scientifically proven advantage of fasting is that it rejuvenates us and extends our life expectancy due to a slower metabolic rate, more efficient protein production, better immune system, and wider generation of hormones.

If you are on drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and caffeine, you can fast to reduce withdrawal symptoms that often prevent people from letting go of drugs completely.

If you suffer from uterine fibroid tumors which give you pain and excessive bleeding, avert the pain with the help of fasting. Fasting helps reduce the size of the tumor and subsequently brings down the pain too.

If you have a chronic problem of back and neck pain, you can help resolve it through fasting. You will find immense relief from these problems after a good and rigorous fast.

These are few of the many benefits, fasting can bestow on you. Don’t underestimate its power. Believe in it and go for it.

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