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Massage Therapy to Relax the Hands

Massage is the technique in which soft body tissues like muscles are gently rubbed. Massage therapy is beneficial in enhancing the blood flow, reducing pain and tension, and relaxing your body.

Approximately there are about 80 types of massage techniques. Some of the massage techniques are intense and active where as some are mild. Generally massage therapist uses his hands to apply pressure but in some cases he can also use his elbows, forearms and feet.

To relax and energize yourself in day-to-day life you can easily try self massage technique. You can comfortably massage your neck, hands and feet while relaxing or even while performing a task. You should use massage oil or lotion to massage your bare skin.

Here are few simple self massage steps which will help you to relax your beautiful hands.

  • Stretch out your fingers and hands. Gently rub your fingers starting from the base to the tip. At the same time gently twist and pull your fingers as you proceed.
  • Keep your left hand upright on your lap and with your right hand press the fleshy area of the palm, starting from your wrist to the bottom of your thumb.
  • Press the tender points of the fleshy web present in between the left index finger and thumb.
  • With the help of your right thumb rub your entire left palm. Starting from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers use gliding strokes and pressure.
  • Repeat the above steps for your right hand also.

There are few reflexology points present in the hands. These points correspond to the whole body including eyes, nose, ears, mouth, head, neck and sinuses.

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