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Natural Pedicure For Those Cracked Heels

Are you embarrassed of exposing your feet ?Are the soles terribly cracked??? And you don’t have the time to visit the parlor.

Well, you can help yourself by following the suggestions mentioned below.

Accumulation of dead skin on the heels causes the skin at the heel to harden and break up into cracks. To get rid of the dead skin, scrub your feet with a pumice stone.

Immerse your feet in luke warm water filled with sea salt and scrub them well, this helps remove the dirt between the cracks.

Dissolve one tablespoonful of baking soda (soda bicarb) in water and keep your feet immersed in it for about 10 minutes. Continue this treatment for 2-3 days this helps heal the cracks.

You can also crush an onion; apply the pulp over the cracked area and bandage it.

Apply the pulp of raw banana on the cracks of your feet. It helps heal them.

Another remedy is to apply a mixture of lemon juice, a teaspoonful of glycerin and boiled milk on your cracked heels. This not only soothes your cracked heels but also makes them soft.

For not so severe cracks, you may try massaging the soles of your feet with sesame oil and then soak the feet in warm water .

Try out these remedies and notice the difference.

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