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Home Remedies That Help Cure Fever

Are you down with fever and there is no one to look after you. Well, do not panic here are some remedies you can use which will help you get healed of your fever.

1. Drink plenty of liquids. Ialso drink some Ginger Ale. This really feels cool and soothing on your throat.

2. Put an ice pack on your forehead. This also cools you down temporarily. Or, soak a washcloth in a bowl of cool water. Squeeze out the extra water and place it on your forehead. This will help your body to lower it’s temperature, thus reducing the fever faster.

3. Stay away from televisions and other high-contrast screens. They lead to headahces, which is the last thing you need when you have a fever.

4. Wear on some loose comfortable clothes, instead of tight fiting ones. Be as comfortable as you can at this time.

5. Just relax and stay cool by drinking plenty of fluids.

6. Drink some hot chocolate, it helps calm the chills.

7. If there is someone at home, ask them to massage you, or else use a electric massager.

8. Both fever and exercise boost your body’s heat production, making your heart work harder. So, avoid exercising at this time.

Snuggle yourself in bed and sleeep for a good hour, it will make you feel better to a great extent.

Happy Resting !!!

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