Nature Cure

3 Basic Principles of Nature Cure

The entire practice and philosophy of nature cure is based on 3 basic principles. These 3 basic principles of nature cure are developed from the conclusions drawn from the effective naturopathic treatment of diseases over a century in Great Britain, Germany and America. These principles are tested and proven number of times by the results attained. The 3 basic principles of nature cure are described below:

  • 1st Principle of Nature Cure:

    This is the most important and basic principle of nature cure. According to this principle all forms of ailments are caused due to the accumulation of bodily toxins and waste material. In any healthy individual these toxins and waste materials are eliminated through eliminatory organs like skin, liver, kidney, etc. But in case of an unwell individual these waste material and toxins gets piled up through years as a result of imperfect living habits like improper body care, and feeding habits. On this basis the first principle suggests that to cure any ailment a method is employed which enables the system to eliminate the toxic and waste material from the body. If you observe all the natural treatments at the end leads to the elimination of the waste material.

  • 2nd Principle of Nature Cure:

    In case of acute ailments like inflammation, fever, digestive disorders, cold and cough and skin eruptions are the result of self-initiated effort of body to eliminate the accumulated waste material and toxins. And all the chronic diseases like kidney disorders, heart ailments, asthma, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. are caused due to sustained suppression of acute ailments through methods like vaccines, drugs, gland extracts and narcotics.

  • 3rd Principle of Nature Cure:

    3rd and last basic principle of nature cure is that body itself has an elaborate healing mechanism which can retain the normal condition. This healing mechanism works only when right methods are employed. In other words it could be said that the healing power is in your body itself and not in hands of your physician.

Listed above were the 3 basic principles on which the whole concept of nature cure and alternate therapies work.

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