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Natural Cure for Diabetes- Are they Effective?

There are number of diabetes medication available in the market but not a single medicine can cure diabetes completely. Whereas there are number of effective natural cures for diabetes which are proved to control diabetes. Natural cure for diabetes not only control the blood sugar level but it also manages and controls the fluctuation in the blood sugar level. Natural remedies are also effective in relieving other symptoms associated with diabetes.

Some of the natural remedies for diabetes and their effectiveness are listed below:

  • It is observed that most of the doctors prescribe high fiber diet for their diabetic patients. Various scientific studies show that high fiber supplement like bran, oat or glucomannan enhances the glucose tolerance level of the body. It is also observed that fiber is beneficial in maintaining the glucose level by improving the metabolism.
  • It is also observed that diabetic patients switching to vegetarian diet are relieved from the pain associated to the nerve damage. According to a research study 80% of diabetic patients were relieved from the pain due to diabetic nerve damage by following complete vegetarian diet plan.
  • According to some studies glucose tolerance can be enhanced by chromium and its supplement. Chromium enhances body’s susceptibility towards insulin. Chromium supplement can have negative impact on the body as it might increase the effect of some medication. This will result in decrease of the blood sugar level significantly.
  • Eating raw onions is reported to decrease the blood sugar level. Leaf extract of plants like Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia speciosa) is being used to control the fluctuations of blood sugar level. It is also observed that 6gms of cinnamon daily can normalize blood sugar level.
  • Herbal tea of hibiscus and mistletoe are considered to be one of the effective natural remedy for diabetes. Hibiscus herbal tea is most commonly used in India and can be made by adding 1-2 tsp of powdered dried plant to a cup of boiling water. For effective results it is advised to drink a cup of hibiscus tea 3 times a day.
  • Mistletoe herbal tea stimulates pancreas hence enhancing the insulin level in the body. To prepare mistletoe tea, allow 3 tsp of chopped mistletoe to steep in 2 cups of water for few hours. For effective results it is better to consume one cup of this tea in morning as well as in evenings.
  • Number of studies show that acupuncture is beneficial in relieving diabetic patients from various symptoms and complications related to diabetes. Besides lowering the blood sugar level acupuncture also enhances the production of insulin. It is observed that acupuncture also alleviates the pain related to the diabetic nerve damage and also improves bladder control.
  • It is observed that fenugreek seeds and aloe vera gel both are effective in maintaining normal blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. In clinical trials it is proved that daily consumption of 1tbsp of aloe vera gel significantly reduces the sugar levels. And it is advised to consume fenugreek and its seed daily.

Being natural remedies the risk of side effects is reduced but it is better to consult your physician before following any of the above mentioned natural cures for diabetes.

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