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How to Treat a Headache?

If you are suffering from mild, moderate or severe pain in the head, forehead or in the eyes, it can be due to headache. The pain develops gradually and then may last for 30 minutes or may continue for several days. In order to treat a headache, it is vital that we understand what is causing it. Tension headache is the most common headache caused by muscle tightnesss especially in the back of the neck and shoulders.

Ways to Treat Headache Naturally:

There are many factors that can cause a headache. These may be due to tension, eye strain, sinusitis, migraine, etc. Several headaches can also be life-threatening. Such headaches can occur because of serious disorders like encephalitis, meningitis, extreme high blood pressure, etc.

Listed below are the ways to treat a headache at home:

  • Foods Causing Headaches:

    Experts recommend to take certain foods in moderation that can trigger a headache. Such foods may be caffeinated drinks, alcohol, cheese, chocolate, etc. This is because these foods can adversely affect the level of serotonin in the body, that can cause a headache. With the rise of serotonin in our body, blood vessels become constricted. When the serotonin level falls in our body, blood vessels become dilated and such dilated blood vessels can cause pain in the head.

  • Herbal Therapy:

    Herbalists suggest that there are long term benefits associated with herbs for treating a headache. Taking pills regularly can put stress on the liver because such painkillers get detoxified in the blood. Herbs, such as catnip, lavender, ginger, can act by relaxing the blood vessels thereby reducing the swelling in the blood vessels of our brain. Herbs also can give pain relief by soothing nerves and reducing such hormone that is held responsible for causing inflammation.

  • Aromatherapy:

    Gentle massage at the back of the neck and on the forehead with essential oils can help in reducing stress and tension. It can also help in elevating moods thereby reducing pain. Such oils are  rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, peppermint, etc. These oils can also be inhaled and can be used in baths.

  • Drinking Enough Water:

    Another effective way to treat headache is to drink plenty of water because lack of oxygen can also cause a headache.

  • Nutmeg Powder with Water:

    Experts suggest that applying half a teaspoon of nutmeg powder paste over the forehead can help in relieving pain as it promotes sleep.

  • Walking and Exercise:

    It is suggested that half an hour of regular walking in fresh air can be one of the simplest and safest forms of exercise that can cure a headache. Walking can elevate your mood by bringing in more oxygen into your blood stream and relaxing the tensed muscles.

  • Hydrotherapy: 

    Water treatment can help in curing headache by promoting blood flow. Taking cold and hot baths alternately can help in constricting and dilating the blood vessels thereby improving blood circulation. In addition, splashing your face with cold water and lying down for about half an hour can also help in curing a headache.

  • Yoga:

    Yoga can help in relieving tension from the back of the neck by calming the mind and by relaxing the blood vessels, thereby promoting sleep and reducing exhaustion and stress. Such yogas are sukhasana,  savasana, etc.

Not having an occassional headache is a rare case. Almost 90% of the headache is related to stress and tension. A headache is not a disease in itself, rather it is a symptom or a sign of a disease. By leading a stress-free life, catching up on adequate sleep, taking healthy diets and by performing exericises, one can control headaches considerably. Consult a doctor for an intense headache

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