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Natural Cures for Backache

Backache, also known as dorsalgia, is one of the most common problems associated with pain in the back. A backache can originate in the form of dull or piercing ache at the muscles, bones, joints, nerves or other spinal structures that can radiate to other areas. It can be a sudden pain or a chronic pain. An acute backache can be caused because of a fall or a violent jerk. Chronic backaches can be due to slipped disk, spondylosis, wrong posture, etc.

Natural Cures for Backache:

In the United States, backache is considered to be one the common causes of work-related disabilities.

Listed below are ways to treat backache naturally:

  • Exercises for Backache:

    It is suggested that gentle movements and stretching exercises involving the spine can help in strengthening the muscles of the back, hips, thigh etc. Exercise can also help in improving posture and flexibility. Swimming is considered a good exercise. If one is new to exercise, one can consider working with an expert so as to avoid extra strain on the back muscles that can further injure the spine.

  • Hydrotherapy:

    A hot bath can give considerable relief from backache as it can help in relaxing the muscles of the back and of the body. Essential oils such as camomile, lavender, eucalyptus, etc can be used in the bath to promote relaxation. Experts advocate alternate cold and hot compresses repeated every 20 minutes to the painful area – 3 minutes of hot compress, 1 minute of cold compress. The  hot compress can promote blood flow  thereby improving muscle relaxation. The cold compress can help in reducing inflammation.

  • Stress Management and Yoga:

    Controlling pain is important as it can lead to muscle spasms that will hurt further. It helps if one has sympathetic family or friends who can provide emotional and physical support. Yoga can help in reducing stress by helping one feel completely relaxed. Especially ‘Hatha Yoga’ can be a good choice as it can help in relaxing the muscle groups of the body and brings complete harmony between the mind, body and spirit.

  • Massage Therapy:

    Deep massage of the back muscles can serve various purposes. It can help reduce muscle spasm by improving blood circulation. It can also help in muscle relaxation.

  • Herbal Therapy:

    Experts suggest that herbs can help in curing backache. Such herbs as fever few, burdock, stinging nettle, willow bark etc, are natural pain relievers and they can help in relaxing the back muscles and in reducing pain. Rosemary, saw palmetto, valeria can have anti-inflammatory effect while leaves of ginkgo biloba can help in promoting blood circulation therby reducing backache.

  • Transcendental Meditation:

    Experts suggest that transcendental meditation can help in controlling negative thoughts, worries and anxieties thereby allowing us the opportunity to spend sometime with our ‘inner’ selves. It can help us to relax thereby reducing negative response of brain towards any pain including backache.

  • Alexander Technique:

    Alexander technique can help in reducing back pain by improving posture and enhancing mobility. It can help one in understanding one’s own body and correct way to use the body’s surface muscles thereby reducing stress on them.

Experts recommend to avoid sitting straight at an angle of 90 degree so as not to put strain on your back muscles. Sitting at 135 degree body-thigh position is considered the best.

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