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10 Simple Ways to Halt Headache Pain Fast

Tension is one of the common reasons for headaches. The best possible way to get rid of headache is to stay away from all tension. This solution to treat headache is simply impossible. Listed below are 10 simple ways to get rid of your headache:

  • Take 5 Minutes Break:

    It is better to take 5-10 minutes of rest in a dark and quiet room. This will allow you to relax and ease your tensions away.

  • Heat Treatment:

    Take a damp washcloth and slightly heat it in microwave. Make sure that it is not too hot. Lie down and place it on your forehead.

  • Cold Treatment:

    Place an ice pack or frozen gel pack on the back of your head or neck. This is also an effective yet simple way to treat headaches.

  • Take a Relaxing Bath:

    Take a hot steamy shower or long relaxing bath. This will help you in relaxing your tensed muscles.

  • Pinch an Inch:

    Acupressure points above each eyebrow can be helpful in relieving you from headache. Gently pinch about an inch of skin close to the bridge of your nose, then over the center of your eye and again at the outermost point of your eyebrows.

  • Breathe Deeply:

    Deep breathing techniques can be helpful in getting relief from headache. Relax your shoulder and neck muscles and take deep breathe slowly.

  • Re-think Smoking and Drinking:

    It is advisable to avoid smoking and alcohol when suffering from headache. Instead of curing they might worsen your headache.

  • Know Your No’s:

    One of the simple ways to treat headaches is to be aware and avoid your headache triggers.

  • Magical Head and Scalp Massage:

    Head and scalp massage is one of the most soothing ways to get rid of headache. You can ask your friend or spouse to do a 5 minutes of relaxing head massage.

  • Turn in on Time:

    Your brain and body need the right amount of sleep on a regular basis in order to function well and fight off stress. Hence make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sound sleep.

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