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How To Treat Insect Bites and Stings ?

Insect’s bites and stings are a common woe amongst people who work outdoors frequently. People who love gardening or people who are preparing to go outdoors-trekking etc are amongst the common ones who tend to suffer from this problem.

Though there are various creams and lotions available that help deal with insect bites, one question that is still frequently asked by many is

“How Do You Treat Insect Bites and Stings?” People just don’t want the pain to go away, they want it to be completely treated and healed. An insect bite can turn up in the form of ugly rash on the skin, medicines can help heal the itchiness but the ugly rashes tend to remain on the skin. Moreover, some of them cause side effects too.

Natural remedies on the other hand help heal physical scars of the insect bites and also help relieve the itchiness or burning sensation, and they don’t have any side effects.

Some of the various natural remedies are as follows.

1)    Apply peppermint oil to the sting/insect bites two or three times a day.
2)    Apply a thick onion slice to the site.
3)    Dab lavender oil to the site
4)    Apply few drops of hazel oil on the sting.
5)    Apply salt-water solution on the area, it helps relieve itchiness.
6)    Apply damp mud on the bite.
7)    Oatmeal bath helps reduce swelling and itchiness.
8)    Turn a banana peel inside out and rub it on the area of the bite.
9)    A hot water bath also relieves swelling and itching greatly.

One can avoid getting bit by bugs and insects by keeping them away in the first place. Both insects and bugs are repellent to smoke, so one can keep them away by lighting up a fire while in a camp. Also, juices of citrus fruits when applied on the skin keep the insects away. These are some precautions one should take in order to avoid getting bit by an insect.

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