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13 Ways to Boost Water Intake

Everyone is aware of the various health benefits of drinking water but most of the people don’t drink adequate amount of water. Most of the people find it difficult to drink 8 glasses of water in day. Listed below are 13 simple and easy ways to boost your water intake:

  • First and foremost it is advisable to drink filtered and clear water. By using high quality filter like reverse osmosis system, ceramic or charcoal you can improve the quality of water.
  • As you get up in the morning make sure that you drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. Besides energizing you it also re-hydrates your body after 6-10 hours of sleep. It is also helpful in overcoming caffeine addiction.
  • Near your work-station keep a beautiful glass pitcher or bottle filled with water. This is an effective way to boost you to drink water. You can even set daily goal by filling the pitcher with the amount of water you want to drink.
  • Always keep at least 12 ounce of bottle with you, whether you are going for shopping or drive. And make sure that before you return you have finished the bottle.
  • Before starting your exercise regimen drink a glass of water and make sure that after every 15-20 minutes of exercise you sip at least 8 ounces of water.
  • During your exercise routine it is advisable not to restrict the amount of water you wish to drink.
  • While watching your favorite movie or TV show, keep a water bottle with you. It is better to keep the lid of water bottle open as it might boost you to sip water regularly.
  • Instead of drinking cold water it is advisable to drink warm water or water at room temperature.
  • Instead of drinking aerated or caffeinated drinks it is better to drink filtered water.
  • While taking meals make sure that you drink at least 1 glass of water.
  • It is observed that people tend to get bored drinking plain water. To overcome this boredom you can add flavor like lemon, etc. to plain water and drink.
  • Daily you can set a goal of minimum number of glasses to be consumed and gradually try to increase the number.
  • It is advisable not drink at least 2 hours before going to bed as it may lead to waking up in midnight.

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