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Natural Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd or bitter melon is a tropical vegetable that is commonly grown in Asian and African countries. This is because the dark green vegetable with rough skin thrives in hot and humid climate, common in Asia and Africa. Inspite of its bitter taste, bitter gourd has excellent medicinal value. It is considered to have antipyretic, appetizing, blood purifying and such other properties.

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Listed below are some of the health benefits of bitter melon:

  • Bitter Gourd Promotes Peristalsis:

    It is suggested that the presence of dietary fibers in bitter gourd can ensure smooth passage of stool through peristalsis. This may treat constipation.

  • Bitter Melon Reduces Blood Sugar:

    Experts suggest that the presence of hypoglycemic compound, a type of plant insulin, can normalize glucose metabolism. This may reduce blood sugar level and treat diabetes.

  • Bitter Gourd Promotes Liver Health:

    Bitter gourd is considered to nourish, cleanse and repair our damaged liver. This can help in treating liver damage caused due to alcoholism, jaundice, hepatomegaly, etc.

  • Bitter Gourd Improves Appetite:

    The bitter taste of bitter gourd is considered to stimulate our appetite. This can help in treating sluggish digestion and anorexia nervosa.

  • Bitter Gourd Purifies Blood:

    It is suggested that bitter gourd can effectively purifies blood from toxins because of its bitter tonic properties. This can help in healing boils, itching and such other blood-related disorders that appear on our skin.

  • Bitter Gourd Treats Intestinal Worms:

    It is suggested that bitter gourd have antihelminthic property. This property can help in killing intestinal parasites.

  • Bitter Gourd Promotes Healthy Skin:

    It is believed that the antioxidant property of bitter gourd can treat free radical damage caused to the cells. This can help in treating wrinkles, promoting healthy skin, etc.

  • Bitter Gourd Treats Cancer:

    Initial study has found that MAP 30, a protein found in bitter gourd, may have anticancerous effect. This might treat types of cancer.

Those who are allergic to cucurbitacea family may show allergic reaction to bitter gourd. As side effects, one can have headache. Initial studies have shown that those suffering from diabetes or hypoglycemia may not want to eat bitter gourd. This is because bitter gourd may reduce blood sugar level.

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