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Best Natural Ways to Treat Jock Itch

Jock itch is a common skin problem mostly observed during summers. This skin infection is mainly caused due fungus called as

Trichophyton rubrum

. It affects warm and damp areas of the body such as inner thighs, buttocks, genitals and groin. As compared to women, men are more susceptible to jock itch. Though jock itch causes massive discomfort but it can be treated at home.

Some of the easy and effective home remedies for jock itch are listed below:

  • One of the best home remedy for jock itch is to keep the affected area dry and clean. Try and avoid tight fitting cloths as this will ensure proper air circulation in the affected area.
  • Another effective home remedy for jock itch is to apply cornstarch powder on the affected area. Cornstarch is effective in keeping the affected area dry hence restricting the fungal growth.
  • Include good amount of garlic in your diet. Garlic is highly effective in treating jock itch because of its potent anti-fungal properties. Alternate application of garlic and honey on the affected area is also effective natural remedy of jock itch.
  • It is also observed that certain foods like refined carbohydrates, sugar, greasy foods and processed foods worsen the jock itch. Hence it is advisable to avoid above mentioned foods.
  • According to research studies, obese and overweight people are more susceptible to jock itch. Hence it is better to lose few extra pounds.
  • Application of dilute tea tree oil on the affected area is also effective in treating jock itch. Tea tree oil has potent anti-septic, anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties.

Lastly it is important to maintain proper and good hygiene. Make sure that you take your bath often and it is advisable to use medicated soaps. Change your clothes after daily, especially after strenuous activity or workout. These simple steps will be helpful in curing your jock itch. But in case your jock itch gets worsen then immediately rush to your physician.

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