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Natural Ways for Hot Flash Relief

Hot flashes are one of the common symptoms experienced by menopausal women. Low levels of estrogen during menopause causes periodical dilation of skin blood vessels. Dilation results in rush of blood which causes sensation of searing heat or hot flash as well as night sweats and flushing. Hot flashes are temporary and can persist for about 9-16 months. This extremely uncomfortable but harmless condition can be controlled with effective natural remedies.

Some of the effective natural, home remedies for hot flash are listed below:

  • Avoid Hot Flash Stimulants:

    Certain factors like spicy food, caffeine, alcohol, acidic foods, tobacco, white sugar, saturated fats, hot weather, anger, stress, rigorous workout, etc. triggers hot flashes. Hence the best natural remedy for hot flash is to avoid the above mentioned stimulants as much as possible.

  • Cool Down:

    According many research studies heat is one of the major trigger of hot flashes. Hence it is important for you to avoid hot environment. During summers it is advisable to be in air-conditioned environment whereas during winters it is better to stay in comfortably heated room.

  • Take Aloe Vera:

    One teaspoon of freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel thrice a day is highly beneficial in relieving hot flash. This is one of the effective home remedies for hot flash.

  • Herbs for Hot Flash:

    Certain herbs are effective in relieving hot flash symptoms. Herbs for hot flash includes Dong Quai, blue cohosh, black cohosh, red clover, unicorn root, sarsaparilla, fennel, licorice root, chasteberry, motherwort, etc.

  • Aromatic Essential Oils:

    Certain essential oils like thyme and basil are beneficial for hot flashes. These essential oils can be inhaled, used in bath or mixed with massage oil. For instant relief put a few drops of essential oil in a cotton ball and inhale it.

  • Drink Pomegranate Juice:

    To a cup of pomegranate juice add 1 tsp of organic sugar or rock candy powder and 5-7 drops of lime juice. Drinking this juice 2-3 times in a day relieves hot flash symptoms.

  • Yoga Postures:

    Yoga postures or asanas like sun salutation, locust, spinal twist leg lifts, lotus, bow, chest knee and boat pose are beneficial for hot flashes.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:

    Mineral and vitamin supplements like calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A, D, E, B complex are also effective for hot flashes.

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