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Top 10 Homely Ways to Treat Sunburn

Going outdoors in summer sunshine can be painful sometimes. Overexposure to the ultra violet radiations of sun might cause painful sunburns. One should not neglect sunburns as it might lead to permanent disability, skin cancer or even death. Listed below are quick and effective home remedies so as to treat your sunburn as soon as possible.

  • In 1:6 ratios prepare a solution of tomato juice and buttermilk. Apply this mixture on the affected parts. This is considered to be effective home remedy for sunburn and helps skin to heal quickly.
  • Take few cabbage or lettuce leaves and refrigerate or soak it in chilled water until they are cold enough. Place the leaves on the sunburned parts. This sunburn home remedy is effective in relieving the pain and healing the skin.
  • Take a refreshing bath by adding few drops of rose water in your bathing water. This is one of the effective home remedies for sunburn.
  • Due to overexposure to sun if your cheeks and skin under your eyes are badly affected then you can place a slice of potato, cucumber or tomato. You can even use used tea bags to soothe the sunburned skin.
  • For quick relief from sunburns, you can take tub bath in cool water. But make sure that the sunburned parts are submerged in water for at least 15 minutes.
  • In a bucket full of water add few drops of vinegar now dip a soft cotton cloth and place it on the affected area except on eyes. This is an effective sunburn reliever.
  • Mix water and milk in equal quantities and soak a soft cotton cloth in the solution. Place the cloth on your face and other body parts affected by sun. This natural remedy is effective in relieving sunburn discomfort.
  • In your bathing water mix 3-4 tbsp of oatmeal and take a revitalizing bath. This home remedy is beneficial in reducing irritation and itching sensation related to sunburn.
  • Redness and inflammation are mainly related to sunburn. In order to reduce you can apply freshly extracted cucumber juice on the affected area. This will be helpful in softening the skin.
  • To 1 tbsp of cucumber juice mix 1 tbsp of milk and with the help of a cotton ball dab it on the affected area. Effective sunburn home remedy to relieve from the puffiness and burning sensation.

Lastly before going out in sun make sure that you take adequate precautions and apply generous amount of sun-screen. Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables especially in summers.

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