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Benefits of Custard Apple

The heart-shaped custard apple is a widely grown fruit around the world. Because it tastes like custard, the fruit is known as custard apple. The soft and sweet fruit is also known as bull’s heart or bullock’s heart. It is believed that custard apples are original natives of the West Indies, though it was later naturalized in Brazil and Peru. Rich in vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium and manganese and low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol, custard apple is known for its various medicinal uses.

Benefits of Custard Apple

Listed below are some of the benefits of custard apple:

  • Custard Apple for Good Eyesight:

    The presence of riboflavin and vitamin C content in custard apple is suggested to help in fighting free-radical damage caused to the cells. These can help in maintaining good eyesight.

  • Custard Apple Improves Digestion:

    It is considered that custard apple is a natural source of dietary fiber. This can help improve digestion by making stools softer and aiding in peristalsis. Also, the presence of magnesium can help in smooth muscle relaxation of the alimentary canal. This might help treat dysentery and diarrhea.

  • Custard Apple for Healthy Heart:

    It is suggested that custard apple contains reasonably high amount of magnesium and potassium. Magnesium can relax the smooth muscles of the heart and soothe spasms or cramps, thereby preventing heart attack and strokes. On the other hand, the rich content of potassium may regulate blood pressure, thereby maintaining cardiovascular function.

  • Custard Apple to Treat Arthritis and Rheumatism:

    Experts suggest that high in magnesium content, custard apple may regulate water balance. This might help in removing acids from the joints, thereby alleviating symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Custard Apple for Fighting Fatigue:

    Custard apple is a rich source of energy. This can help in fighting fatigue and weakness. Also the presence of potassium can also help in fighting muscle weakness.

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  1. for how long can it be eaten to cure this prostate cancer?

  2. really it is good for health.

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