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Music Therapy

Music therapy has been used since ancient times by various cultures – Indian, Greeks and native Americans. A melodious music can brighten a gloomy mood, bring about positive changes to the body and psyche and cure various diseases. It is suggested that certain forms of music (Indian ragas) can harmonize the imbalances in life by emphasizing on particular notes.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a complementary treatment used by music therapists (along with conventional treatment) to induce a positive change in the mind, body and spirit of a person.  The therapy uses the healing power of music to address the overall wellbeing of a person irrespective of his or her age and ability.

There are two types of music therapy – Passive and active. Passive music therapy gives importance to listening. This type of therapy can cure all types of diseases. Active form of music therapy gives importance on participation. This may help in treating different neurological problems such as improve speech fluency, control hyperactivity in children, improve concentration and memory, etc.

Music Therapy and Children

Various studies have suggested that music therapy can have profound benefit on children with seeing, hearing, thinking or reasoning disabilities. Apart from this, music therapy has various other benefits. Some of these are:

Music therapy can aid in memory enhancement
Music therapy can help in developing attention and focus
Music therapy can improve gross motor function in children
Music therapy can improve communication and improve social skill
Music therapy can help children having problematic behavior such as hyperactive children, hypersensitive children, etc.

Some Other Benefits of Music Therapy

Listed below are some of the benefits of music therapy:

  • Music Therapy for Improved Motor Coordination:

    Music therapy is suggested to have positive influence on range of motion and motor skills. This could improve hand eye coordination and treat gross motor dysfunction.

  • Music Therapy for Heart Health:

    It is considered that by keeping the stress level down, music therapy can control heart rate and blood pressure. This can maintain and restore heart health.

  • Music Therapy for Autism:

    By being a creative outlet, music therapy can improve concentration and interpersonal skills, thereby helping in autism.

  • Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease:

    Improved memory function and language skill can check aggressive behavior, thereby treating Alzheimer’s disease.

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