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Benefits of Emu Oil

Since ages Australian aborigines have been using Emu oil as a natural medicine to treat various types of ailments. The oil comes from the thick subcutaneous fat on the back of a prehistoric bird called emu (similar to ostrich). What bison is to American aborigines, emu is to Australian aborigines; the aborgines of Australia regard emu as an indispensable part of their existence.  Today, emu oil is used not only for making cosmetics but also for its medicinal uses as a pain relief, for treating burns, etc.

Benefits of Emu Oil

Listed below are some of the benefits of emu oil:

  • Emu Oil for Healthy Skin:

    It is suggested that the non-comedogenic property of emu oil prevents clogging of skin pores, thereby treating various skin problems like white head, black heads, acne, etc. Further, being rich in vitamin E (an antioxidant) and oleic acid, emu oil can prevent free radical cell damage and help in new cell regeneration.

  • Emu Oil for Treating Infections:

    Emu oil is both bacteriostatic and antifungal. This can make it effective in treating those infections related to microbial attack such as toe nail infection, foot fungus, etc.

  • Emu Oil for Relieving Pain:

    The penetrating property of emu oil along with its highly effective anti-inflammatory property can give relief from pain in the muscles and joints. This can help in treating pain related to leg cramps, muscle aches and pulls, insect bites and stings, arthritic pain, back pain, etc.

  • Emu Oil for Treating Burns:

    Experts believe that the skin regenerative together with anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil can help in repair of skin including burns.

  • Emu Oil for Hair Loss:

    Because of its ability to regenerate skin cells, emu oil can promote new cell proliferation around the hair follicles. Together with linoleic acid, emu oil can help in strengthening the hair follicles, thereby preventing limp or dry hair and preventing hair loss.

The healing touch of emu oil is thought to come from its high content of essential fatty acids – Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids. No wonder, world is so curious to know more about the useful emu oil.

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