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Benefits of Lavender Aromatherapy

Since ages lavender, the beautiful fragrant flowering herb, has been used in aromatherapy for a variety of purpose. In aromatherapy, the essential oil of lavender is used in various aromatic preparations because of its ability to restore unstable emotion, stress, panic attacks and hysteria under control. In Latin, lavender is called ‘Lavare’, which means ‘to wash’ because lavender fills an area with its clean fragrance.

Benefits of Lavender Aromatherapy

There are various uses of lavender aromatherapy. Some of these are as under:

For stress relieve after a busy day, there is nothing like lavender aromatherapy. Simply add few drops of lavender oil in running water and relax. The oil once absorbed into the skin can work its way into the bloodstream and help your tired muscles. The oil can also relax your taut nerves by stimulating your olfactory receptor cells responsible for carrying nerve impulses to your brain.

If you are looking desperately for cure from headache, just put few lavender drops on your temple. Just few minutes of lavender massage can refresh your mind and restore blood circulation, thereby alleviating your headache.

Lavender aromatherapy is also considered very effective if you are having disturbed sleep or if you are spending sleepless nights on your bed. Just rub few drops of lavender essential oil with the palm of your hands and run it through the hair. The soothing property of the oil can help you relax, helping you to sleep in no time.

Suffering from hair loss? Lavender oil massage can strengthen your hair follicles helping it to grow, thereby checking hair loss. You might mix two drops of lavender oil, cedar wood oil, rosemary oil and thyme oil and put the mixture on your scalp. Massage well. After wrapping a warm towel around your scalp, leave it for at least 2-3 hours. Next, shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo.

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know lavender could re-grow hair. Listen, even if it doesn’t work, with this aromatherapy recipe at least your hair is going to smell wonderful, right!?

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