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How to Cure Underweight Naturally

You can

cure underweight naturally

by switching to high calorie diet, but you need to check your lipid profile beforehand. The best way to increase your weight is to take banana milk shake 3 times a day followed by milk or curd. This article gives some of the natural remedies for curing underweight.

Here are few dietary tips to cure underweight:

  • Include more dairy products in your diet. For example: milk, cheese, choclates, ghee, khowa etc. According to Ayurveda these are Kapha Dosha aggravator factors and are very useful for gaining weight.
  • Muskmelon can be a great treat for curing underweight. Taking muskmelon three times a day helps in rapid gain of weight.
  • Take some almonds, date palm and anjeer in milk and boil the milk. Take this when it is warm.
  • Mangoes help in increasing hunger. Have one full mango and take a glass of milk followed by it. You can also have mango shake followed by milk everyday to gain weight.
  • Raisins are very effective in treating weight problems. Take about 30 grams of raisins everyday for 40 days.
  • Intake of bran with fruits can help to gain weight quickly. Take about 150 grams of bran with papaya or any fruit of your choice. This increases your hunger and also improves digestion.
  • Soaked figs can cure underweight problem. Take three or four figs and put them in water for overnight. Take them the next day in morning and evening.

Alternative ways to increase weight are:

  • Adopt sedentary way of life. Sleep more. Take naps in the afternoon.
  • Lead stress-free life. Avoid all things that make you eat less and work more.
  • Avoid masturbating. Masturbating can make you weak and susceptable to underweight.
  • Treat all the diseases that you encounter at the earliest. Have a regular physical examination and see that all underlying diseases are cured. You cannot gain the consistent weight if you have any underlying problems in your body.

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