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Nature Cure for Jaundice


juice of green leaves of radish

serve as natural remedy for jaundice. Take the fresh, green leaves of radish and extract juice from them. Taking about half a litre of this juice daily can help a lot in jaundice. It works by inducing healthy appetite and proper evacuation of bowels. It ensures disappearance of jaundice within eight to ten days.

This article enlists some of the natural ways to alleviate jaundice. Here are few tips for the ailment:

  • Tomoto juice

    works wonders to treat jaundice. Take few tomatoes and make fresh tomato juice. Take one glass of the juice and add a pinch of pepper to it. Add salt according to the taste. Taking this juice in the morning. It is an easy and effective way to treat jaundice.

  • Lemon

    protects the liver cells that are damaged during the disease. It also hastens the recovery from jaundice. Dilute lemon juice several times a day is very effective during jaundice.

  • Fresh home made

    sugarcane juice

    and lemon can be excellent treatment for jaundice. Prepare one glass of sugarcane juice and squeeze half of lime into it. This juice can help in recovery of jaundice. Take care that the juice should be fresh as any infected and longstanding juices can make the disease more severe.

  • Boil one cup of barley in three liters of water and simmer it for three hours. Drink this water several times a day. This is a good natural remedy for jaundice.
  • Take a bowl of water and soak two dried dates, eight kernels and five small cardamoms for one night. Take out the outer coatings of almonds and kernels. Remove the inner seeds of the dates. Rub the whole material on the stone and rub it to a fine paste. Add three teasppons of sugar and equal amount of butter to the paste and mix it thoroughly. Licking this mixture can give lot of relief from jaundice and its symptoms.
  • Jaundice treatment is also possible by the leaves of snake gourd. Boil 15 gms of dry snake gourd leaves in a glass of water. Prepare the infusion. Next, coriander seeds are boiled in 500 ml of water till it is reduced by one-third. Take the decoction out. Add 30 to 50 ml of infusion to this decoction and take it thrice a day. This will treat jaundice at the earliest.
  • Jaundice berry can be very useful in treating jaundice. Botanically name of the berry is Berberis vultaris but due to its beneficial effects for jaundice it is called Jaundice berry. The fluid extract can be taken in about 2 to 4 ml doses. Pulverized bark is also used as the medicine for jaundice.

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