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Nature Cure Tips for Kidney Stones

The natural herb


can be very effective in treating kidney stones. Take one teaspoon of basil juice and add same amount of honey to it. Take this mixture everyday for six months. This treatment is found successful in expelling all the stones from urinary tract, thus treating

kidney stones.

This article gives some of the natural remedies for kidney stones.

Kidney stones are hardenings of mineral salts that form in urinary tract. Further hardening can result in blocking of the urine by the stones. There are several symptoms that characterize the effects of kidney stones: painful urination, blood in urine, pain in groin and thighs, nausea, vomiting, sweats and chills.

Here are few natural tips for curing kidney stones:

  • Apples

    are very useful in assisting the cure for kidney stones. The ripe fresh fruit can be taken daily. However apple juice can be a natural unsweetened cider which acts as a best beverage treat for kidney stones.

  • Grapes

    acts as natural diuretics due to high content of water and potassium. It has low albumin and sodium chloride content and thus very effective in kidney disorders. Taking considerate amount of grapes can be helpful during therapy of kidney stones.

  • Pomegranate

    can be a medicine for kidney stones. Take few seeds of pomegranate and make a fine paste out of it. Mix this paste in a cup of horse gram soup and take it. Horse gram soup is the solution of two table spoons and water.

  • Watermelon

    is a good diuretic. It is rich in pottasium salts and has lot of water content in it. Thus including watermelon in your diet can be very useful in preventing and treating kidney stones.

  • Dried French beans

    are very effective remedy for kidney problems. Remove the beans from the pods and grade them. Take sixty grams of it and boil in four liters of hot water for six hours. Strain this decoction through fine muslin for two to three times. Take a glass of this decoction every two hours throughout the day for one day, followed by once everyday for a week. Take this preparation fresh as the therapeutic value of the liquid will diminish by time.

  • Celery

    can act as preventive measure for kidney stone formation. It is a effective food for those who are prone to getting stones in the kidney.

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  1. Dear sir,
    I have stone present in my kidney on both side abt 21mm in Rt kidney and 16 mm in Lt kidney…… I ave so much pain and like flamable in my urine ways…. plz suggest me that i could rid of this problem as soon as…..

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