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Nature Cure Tips for Boils

Milk cream treatment:

Boils can be treated naturally using milk cream. Add a teaspoon of vinegar with a teaspoon of milk cream. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to the mixture. Put this as a poultice to the boil area. This mixture fastens the healing of the boil and the boil gets treated without becoming septic. This article gives natural ways to cure boils.


A boil is a pink or red bump that is very painful on the skin. It is filled with liquid that appears greenish yellow to brown color. Sometimes it spreads so much that it looks like a big bump. With time it gets ripened and burst by expelling the puss. Lets find out few natural ways to treat boils.

Treatment with Onions and Garlic:

Juice of onions and garlic work wonderful on boils. Apply freshly made onion juice and garlic juice on the boils externally. You can apply both of them mixed for quick benefit.

Betel Leaves treatment:

Warm a betel leaf gently till it softens. Take some castor oil and apply to the leaf such that it covers the leaf. Put this leaf spread over the boil or the inflamed part. Replace the leaf several times, scheduling for every few hours. After few applications the boil ruptures and all the matter comes out easily without pain.

Treatment by Margosa:

The leaves of margosa are very effective in treatment of boils. The leaves can be used as liniment or decoction and also can be applied as a poultice to the boil. Take few margosa leaves and crush to apply poultice. Decoction of margosa leaves can be made by boiling 15 gm of leaves in 500ml of water till the water is reduced by one-third.

Treatment with Cumin Seeds:

Grind cumin seeds and make it to paste in water. Apply this cumin seed paste on the boil. This is a beneficial and easy way to cure boils.

Treatment with Bitter Gourd:

Bitter gourd are very effective in treating blood filled boils. Take a cupful of fresh bitter gourd juice and mix it with one teaspoon of lime juice. Take this juice in mornings in empty stomach every day for a few days. You will find the boils getting cured by themselves.

Turmeric powder for boils:

Roast few dry roots of turmeric and dissolve the ashes in water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the boil or infected area. This paste not only aids boil to ripe and burst but also fastens the process of healing of the boil.

Treatment with parsely:

Take parsely and boil them in water till they become soft. Wrap them in clean muslin or linen cloth and apply as poultice on the boil. This is one of the effective natural way to cure boils.

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