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Nature Cure Tips for Cholera


is caused by vibrio cholerae.


is very effective in cholera as it potently kills cholera bacilli. Taking a glass of lemon juice is very beneficial. It can be taken in both salted and sweetened form. Lemon can be taken in food as well. This article gives few more natural ways to cure cholera.

Treatment with onions:

Take 30 grams of onions and seven to eight black peppers. Grind it to fine paste and take this two to three doses a day. This preparation will help in allaying thirst and restlessness.

Treatment with guava root bark:

Take about 30 gms of the root bark and make it powder. Take half a liter of water and make decoction with the powder. Boil till the water becomes one third of the original quantity. Take this decoction twice a day. As this preparation is rich in tannins, it helps in arresting vomiting and diarrhea.

Treatment with drumstick leaves:

Make fresh drumstick leaf juice. Take one teaspoon of this juice and mix with one teaspoon of honey. Add this to a glass of tender coconut water. Take this solution two to three times a day in cholera. This is one of the effective and natural way to cure cholera.

Treatment with bitter gourd:

Take bitter gourd and extract fresh juice of it. Mix two teaspoons of this juice and two teaspoon of white onion juice. Add a teaspoon of lime juice to this. Take this twice daily. This is very effective in the early stages of cholera.

Treatment with cloves:

Take four grams of cloves and boil them in 3 liters of water till the water is reduced to half. Take this decoction 4 to five times a day. This is very helpful in reducing the severe symptoms of the disease.

Treatment with cucumber leaves:

One glass of freshly made cucumber juice mixed with an equal quantity of tender coconut water is the excellent solution to restore acid-base balance during cholera. Take this in doses of 30 to 60 ml at a time.

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