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Nature Cure Tips for Amnesia (Loss of Memory)

Brahmi booti

is an excellent way to cure amnesia naturally. Take seven to eight grams of this herb and dry it in shade. Ground the dried herbs in water and mix this paste with seven kernels of almonds and half a gram of pepper. Now strain the mixture and add about 25 gms of sugar to sweeten it. Drink this preparation every morning for 15 days. This treats amnesia to great extent.

What is Amnesia:

Amnesia is partial or complete loss of memory. It can also refer to an inability of the person to recall information that is stored in memory. There are different degrees of amnesia are there are several causes of amnesia. One of the reason of amnesia can be poor blood supply to the brain cells. Amnesia can also be the result of psychological disorders. This article gives you natural techniques for curing amnesia.

Here are few natural ways of treating amnesia:

Treatment with Rosemary:

Tea made with rosemary herb is very useful in treating amnesia. It is used since centuries for this purpose. It is considered as an antidote for forgetfulness and mental fatigue. Taking the tea preparation twice a day is effective remedy as well as a refreshing drink.

Treatment with Sage:

Just as the rosemary herb, the tea made of sage is also very effective in treating memory loss. Sage herbs have special ingredients that act on the cortex of the brain and strengthens the ability to concentrate by mitigating mental exhaustion.

Treatment with Almonds:

Almonds are wonderful for improving memory. Soak ten to twelve almonds in water overnight. Remove the outer skin and make a fine paste. Mix one teaspoon of butter to the pater and take this twice a day. Inhaling twelve to fifteen drops of almond oil is also very beneficial in treating brain weakness.

Treatment with Walnuts:

Take twenty grams of walnuts and take them with equal quantity of fig and raisins in a proportion of ten grams each. Taking this everyday cures amnesia to great extent.

Treatment with Cumin Seeds:

Take three grams of black cumin seeds and mix with two teaspoonfuls of pure honey. Taking this once a day in morning is very effective for amnesia and dullness of memory.

Treatment with Black Pepper:

Take five seeds of black pepper and finely ground them. Mix this with a teaspoonful of honey. Take this morning and evening.

Treatment with Apples:

Eating an apple a day followed with one teaspoonful of honey and one cup of milk is very helpful in treating mental irritability and memory loss. Apples are rich in vitamin B1, phosphorus, and potassium that help in the production of glutamic acid. All this are effective in recharging the nerves with new energy and life.

Other fruits that are beneficial in treating amnesia are: grapes, oranges, and dates.

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