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Nature Cure Tips for Freckles

Take little honey and heat it. Add little wheat germ into the honey. Apply this to your face at the spot of freckles, if not whole face. Keep it for some time, like five to ten minutes. Now, wash the honey off with warm water and then rinse the face with cool water. This is one of the effective nature cures of freckles.

What are freckles:

They are tanned, flat circular spots that are visible on nose, cheeks, arms, and upper shoulders of the person. They are clusters of concentrated melanin which is also called as ‘ephelis.’ They are commonly seen in the people with fair complexion.

Here are few natural ways to cure freckles:

  • Lemon for freckles:

    Lemon is an effective bleach for the dark spots. Apply fresh lemon juice to with your fingers to the affected area and rinse away after some time. This is effective natural way to freckles. You can also apply the mixture of sugar and lemon juice on the freckles.

  • Fruit and vegetable masks:

    The masks made with apricots, cucumbers, strawberries and red currant can lighten freckles.

  • Treatment with sour cream:

    Applying sour cream as the mask and wiping out gently can be a good cure for freckles. Upon masking off apply moisturizer.

  • Treatment with sour milk:

    Sour milk has lactic acid that promotes the gentle peeling of the skin. Thus can be used for freckles. Washing the affected area with sour milk can be beneficial.

  • Horseradish Juice:

    Dabbing juice of horseradish or horseradish vinegar can help in lightening freckles.

  • Treatment with Onions:

    Age spots and freckles can be effectively removed by onions. Take one red onion and cut to half. Apply on the spots twice a day. You will observe the freckles fading away.

  • Treatment with Turmeric:

    Take 1:1 quantity of turmeric and sesame seeds and grind them. Make this powder as paste with water. Apply this to freckles regularly for few days. You will find them disappearing slowly.

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