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Natural Tips for Heart Palpitation

A mixture of

lemon and honey

works wonders in treating palpitations. Take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Prepare half cup of lemon juice by squeezing half a lemon into water. Mix both of them thoroughly and take this before going to bed. Palpitations are minimized by this simple and natural method.

What are Palpitations:

Palpitations are symptoms of heart abnormalities. They are irregular and strong heart beats that occur at any age group both in men and women. There are several symptoms that occur during palpitations: thumping feeling in the chest, increase in the pulse rate. Causes of palpitations are stress, incorrect diet habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

Palpitations are medical emergencies and should be treated under the supervision of health care practitioner. We give some of natural remedies for

benign palpitations

and these remedies should NOT be taken as the prescriptions from medical practitioners.

Here are few

natural ways to allay palpitations:

Guava for Palpitations

: Guava is one of the effective remedy for palpitations. A guava taken in empty stomach in morning times is the best cure. Palpitations caused by anaemia and nervousness are treated well by this method.

Snake gourd leaves for Palpitations:

Take fresh snake gourd leaves and extract juice from them. Take this juice about 30 to 60 ml thrice a day. Another way is to take few Indian spikenard and add a pinch of cinnamon and camphor to it. Have this twice a day.

Dry Coriander for Palpitations:

Take equal quantities of dry coriander, aniseed and jaggery and make fine powder of them. Have a teaspoon (6gms) of this powder everyday after the meals. This one of the effective natural cures for palpitations.

Grapes for Palpitations:

Grapes or grape juice are good for heart. They prevent occurrence of palpitations. Having grape juice everyday at a defined time is a good remedy for palpitations.

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