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Dog Diarrhea Home Cures

The first thing that you should on diarrhea in your pet is feed him

home made dog bland food.

The bland diet consists of cottage cheese or unflavored yogurt. This diet stabilizes the good bacteria in the intestines and relieves diarrhea. It is equally important to restrict the food habits of the dog, not allowing to eat at his whims. This article gives a few home cures for dog diarrhea.

Causes and Symptoms of Dog Diarrhea:

Dog diarrhea is the result of consuming toxins like house cleaners, insecticides and indigestibles such as stones, grass or sticks. Bacterial and viral infections in the tummy of dog can cause diarrhea. Ingesting food of high sugar and salt can also cause diarrhea. Some of the symptoms of dog diarrhea are:

  • Frequent passing watery stools
  • Dry mouth and gums
  • Passing blood in stool
  • Abdominal pain and restlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Rumbling stomach
  • Inflated stomach

Here are few

home cures for dog diarrhea:

Treatment with Water:

Replenish the lost water by providing plenty of clean water. It should be given every 15 minutes.

Fasting Treatment:

Fasting is one of the effective way to bring the diarrhea under control. Stop all heavy food for 24 hours. This will rest his bowel system and brings it back to normal.

Treatment with Pumpkins:

Feeding pumpkins can help in firming the stools. Pureed or canned pumpkins can be served with meals. A couple of spoonfuls of pumpkin juices can be beneficial not only in diarrhea but also in constipation.

Treatment with Probiotics:

You can feed probiotic dog food or add probiotic powder in his meals. Probiotics help in relieving diarrhea.

Treatment with Diet:

Avoid giving your dog oily food such as sauces, gravies, butter and do not allow him to take large meals during diarrhea.

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