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Natural Allergy Cures


effectively calms coughs and relieves nasal congestion. Taking congestion and cough as common symptoms for allergic reactions, this remedy is given. Eucalyptus acts as antiseptic. It is a stimulant with expectorant and antibiotic properties. Eucalyptus vapor clears the congestion and loosens mucus. When taken as tablet, eucalyptus increases saliva production and reduces the urge to cough. All the above proves eucalyptus one of the best natural cures of allergic reactions.

What is Allergy or Allergic Reaction:

Allergy is the abnormal, violent reaction against normally harmless substances in natural environment due to malfunction of the immune system. The substances that cause allergies are referred as


This allergic reaction can cause a variety of symptoms such as eczema, asthma, hay fever, skin rashes, red eyes, etc.

Here are few natural allergy cure tips:

Allergy Treatment using Lime:

For those who are not allergic to lime, lime can be one of the effective remedy for any kind of allergy. Take half a lime and squeeze in a glass of warm water. Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it. Take this in the morning hours once daily. Lime water flushes the toxins out of the system. It acts as an anti-allergic agent.

Allergy Treatment using Vegetable Juices:

The mixture of 3:1:1 ratio of carrot juice, cucumber juice and beet juice is found beneficial in the treatments of allergies. 500 ml of the juice should be taken once daily. This is a good natural cure for allergies.

Allergy Treatment using Castor Oil:

Castor oil is found beneficial for allergies of the skin, nasal passages and intestinal tract. Put five drops of castor oil in half a cup of any fruit juice, vegetable juice or plain water and take this in an empty stomach in the morning. It effectively cures several allergy symptoms.

Allergy Treatment using Bananas:

Food allergies can be effectively treated by taking bananas. Take two to three bananas a day. However, those who are allergic to bananas should not recourse this treatment.

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