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Natural Cures for Pyorrhea


is one of the best natural cure of Pyorrhea. Chewing unripe guava is excellent tonic for the gums. Being rich in Vitamin C, it stops the bleeding from the gums. Chewing the tender leaves of guava tree also helps in curing the bleeding gums. Root bark of guava can also be used. A decoction made of the bark can be used for mouthwash fur swollen gums.

What is Pyorrhea:

Pyorrhea is one of the most widely prevalent disease of teeth. It refers to an advanced stage of periodontal disease in which the ligaments and bones that the teeth support become inflamed and infected. This causes several other problems such as loosening of teeth, pus formation and shrinkage of the gum and loss of teeth.

Here are a few

natural ways to treat Pyorrhea:

Pyorrhea treatment using

Pomegranate Peel:

Take pomegranate peel and dry it. Powder it and mix with the pepper and common salt. Apply this as a dentifrice. This helps in preventing pyorrhea.

Pyorrhea treatment using


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. It strengthens the gums and teeth and is very effective in curing the inflammations of gums.

Pyorrhea treatment using

Spinach Juice and Carrot Juice:

The mixture of spinach and carrot juice enhances the treatment of pyorrhea. Take these juices in quantities of 125 ml each day till there is relief in the gums.

Pyorrhea treatment using


Taking orange daily cures the gum problems effectively. The skin of orange should be rubbed on teeth and gums.

Pyorrhea treatment using


Wheat is valuable in preventing pyorrhea. Chewing wheat and wheat tortilla is good for the bleeding gums and this not only provides the needed exercise for the teeth but also aids in digestion.

Pyorrhea treatment using


Lettuce leaves are very helpful in treating pyorrhea. Chew these leaves everyday after the meals.

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