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How to Prevent Premature Greying of Hair Naturally

Who is not concerned if the hair on the head lies about the body age?!

Premature greying

of hair can be annoying. There are several remedies to prevent the greying of hair. Here are few natural tips.

Indian Gooseberry for treating premature greying of hair:

Indian Gooseberry is used in several ways to treat hair problem. Take the fruit and cut it into pieces. Dry them in shade. Boil these pieces in coconut oil till they become charred dust. The oil turns darkish. Apply this oil to the scalp. Another way is to mix the juice extracted from Indian gooseberry with a teaspoon of almond oil. Add few drops of lime juice to it and apply to the scalp.

Amaranth for treating premature greying of hair:

Take out fresh juice of Amaranth leaves apply to the hair. It helps in retaining the black colour of the hair and prevents it from premature greying. It also helps the hair grow longer and keeps them soft.

Curry Leaves for treating premature greying of hair:

When curry leaves are boiled in coconut oil, the oil itself is an excellent tonic for the hair. This oil stimulates hair growth and gives blackish appearance to the hair by improving hair pigmentation. One needs to intake curry leaves liberally in order to get black shiny hair.

Butter for treating premature greying of hair:

Butter made of cow’s milk is especially beneficial in treating grey hair. A small roll of butter can be taken and massaged into the hair roots twice a week. This is one of the easiest method to solve the problem of grey hair.

Ribbed Gourd for treating premature greying of hair:

Ribbed gourd boiled in coconut oil is an effective tonic for hair. It should be done in the same way as Indian gooseberry. Massage this oil till the deep of the scalp. It enriches the hair roots and restores the pigment of the hair.

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