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Nature Cure for Mumps

Swellings of mumps can be treated using

Peepal leaves.

Take a few peepal leaves and smear them with clarified butter. Heat them over a fire. Make them as paste and put a bandage over the swellings. This is one of the effective nature ways to cure mumps.

What are Mumps:

Mumps is an acute contagious infection caused by Paramyxovirus commonly known as mumps virus. It is characterized by fever, muscle aches, loss of appetite and tiredness, all followed by the swelling of salivary glands under the ears called parotitis. It is mostly seen in children and youth between the ages of 5 and 15 years.

In this article we give

natural ways to alleviate mumps:

Dry Ginger for Mumps Treatment:

Take dry ginger and make its paste by adding some water. Apply this over the swollen parts. The swelling reduces as the paste dries and the pain will alleviate.

Mumps Treatment using Indian Aloe:

The herb Indian Aloe is well known for its curing effects for any inflamed or swelled part of the body. Take a piece of a leaf of this herb and peel it on one side. Warm it and sprinkle little turmeric over it. Take a little extract of Indian barbery apply to the swollen area and then apply the bandage of Indian Aloe over the swelling. The swelling seems to reduce.

Mumps treatment using Chebulic Myroblan:

The herb chebulic myroblan is known as one of the most effective remedies for mumps. Take a few leaves of this herb and make a thick paste of it by rubbing in water. Apply over the swelling and get relief.

Mumps treatment using Fenugreek Seeds and Asparagus:

Take equal proportions of fenugreek seeds and asparagus seeds. Ground them up together to get a paste and apply this over the swellings.

Margosa Leaves for Mumps:

Take some leaves of margosa tree and make them into paste by adding turmeric into it. Apply this paste over the mumps. This is proven beneficial in treating mumps.

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