Nature Cure

Nature Cure for Leucoderma

Take handful of

red clay

and mix it in

ginger juice

in a ratio of 1:1. Apply this over the leucoderma skin spots once a day. The copper contained in the clay acts to bring back the pigmentation of the skin. Ginger helps in stimulating the blood flow to the spots. This is one of the natural ways to cure leucoderma.

What is Leucoderma:

The word ‘Leucoderma’ means ‘white skin.’ It is a distressing skin condition where there is a gradual loss of melanin pigment from the skin layers. As a result the skin appears as white patches. It is also known as


and is common, in fact 1 to 2% of general population has leucoderma.

Radish Seeds for Treating Leucoderma:

Take 35 gms of radish seeds and grind them into powder. Take two teaspoons of vinegar and make paste and apply it on the white patches.

Copper for Treating Leucoderma:

Put water in a copper vessel and keep it for overnight. Drink this water next morning. The water helps in regaining the pigmentation of the skin.

Goose Foot for Treating Leucoderma

: The vegetable goose foot is proven beneficial in treating white patches. This vegetable should be taken twice a day for 2 continuous month. The juice of the leaves of goose foot can be applied at the site of the patches.

Turmeric for Treating Leucoderma:

Take 500 gm of turmeric and soak in 8 liters of water for overnight. Boil the water till it reduces to one liter. Now mix 500 ml of mustard oil and heat it till the oil is left. This oil has turmeric in it and acts as cream. Apply this at the patches of leucoderma every morning and evening at least for 3 months.

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