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Nature Cure for Neuritis

Soya bean milk

offers valuable natural cure for neuritis. Take a cup of soya milk and mix in a teaspoon of honey. Take this every night. Soya bean milk can be prepared by a simple method. Soak soya beans in water for 12 hours and make them into paste. Add water and and boil it on a slow fire and stir it frequently. Strain and add sugar for taste. This soya milk should be mixed with honey for neuritis cure.

What is Neuritis:

Inflammation of peripheral nerves is called neuritis. It is one of the serious nervous disorders that can involve a single nerve or a series of nerves. There are 2 types of neuritis: Optic and Peripheral neuritis.

In this article we give some of the natural ways to cure

peripheral neuritis.

It is recommended to follow these remedies under the supervision of a doctor. It is best to consult naturopathist while using these remedies.

Barley Brew for Treating Neuritis:

Boil quarter a cup of pearled barley rain in half a cup of water till it is reduced to one-quarter. Strain it carefully and mix with a glass of buttermilk and add juice of half a lime. Taking this cures neuritis over a period.

Carrot and Spinach for Neuritis Treatment:

Proportionate mixture of carrot and spinach juice is a quick and effective way of curing neuritis. These vegetable juices are rich in the elements whose deficiency causes neuritis. Take at least 500 ml of the raw juices of carrot and spinach – 300 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice daily.

Orange Flowers for treating Neuritis:

The water distilled from orange flowers are refreshing and stimulating for neuritis. This water should be taken regularly. Eating a few fresh orange flowers with honey is also effective in treating neuritis. It should be taken about 10 gms every day.

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