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Natural Ways to Allay Bruises

Have you noticed


that occur for small injuries, especially in children. There is marked discoloration of skin as the blood gets trapped in the surrounding tissue. Bruises vary in size and have particular name for different sizes. In this article we give some

easy tips to allay bruises.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Bruises:

Take some apple cider vinegar and mix in cold water. Apply this on the bruise. You will see that the bruise is disappearing with skin returning to normal.

Ice Packs for Bruises:

Applying ice packs is a good remedy for bruises. This reduces pain and inflammation associated with bruises. But be caution that ice should not be applied to broken skin.

Heating Pads for Bruises:

A day after the ice pack treatment, you can apply heating pads to the affected area. Heat helps in dilating the blood vessels and thus improves the blood circulation.

Comfrey Tea for Bruises

: Direct application of comfrey tea (also called as buchu) prevents discoloration of skin and also reduces the pain.

Raw Egg for Bruises:

Break the raw egg and apply the content on the bruise. It helps in retaining the normalcy of the skin.

Mullein flowers for Bruises

: Take a few mullein flowers and steep them into olive oil. Apply this oil on to the bruise.

Arnica Leaves for Bruises:

Take the leaves of Arnica leaves and make them paste. Apply them as an ointment to the skin with bruises.

Heinz Vinegar for Bruises:

Take a cotton ball and apply Heinz Vinegar over the bruises. This speeds up the healing process of bruises.

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