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Gall Bladder Disorders Natural Remedies

Freshly extracted juices of

beets, carrot



are good cleansers of the gall bladder. Take these juices in 100 ml each. Combine the juices in the equal ratio and take two times a day. This combined juice is proved beneficial in all disorders related to gall bladder.

Gall Bladder Disorders

: The main cause of any type of disorder in the gall bladder is disturbance in the composition of the bile. There are two disorders namely: gallbladder inflammation and the presence of gallstones in the gall bladder known as cholecystitis and cholelithiasis respectively.

Dandelion for treating Gall Bladder Disorders:

Taking 125 ml each of dandelion juice and watercress juice twice a day is very beneficial for these conditions. These juices should be combined with a vegetarian diet without sugar and starch for quick benefit.

Pear for Treating Gall Bladder Disorders:

Pear as fruit or its juice is very beneficial for this condition. It has special healing effects on the gallbladder and the person needs to take it liberally.

Chicory for Treating Gall Bladder Disorders:

Chicory or the endive plant has special place in the treatment of gall bladder disorders. Seeds, flowers and the roots of the plant are used. A decoction made of any of them should be taken about 30 to 60 ml three times a day. It is very good for liver as well.

Vegetable Oils for treating Gall Bladder Disorders:

Natural, raw, unrefined vegetable oils like



sunflower oils

are used for removing gall stones. In this procedure 30 ml of oil is taken in the morning and immediately 120 ml of lemon juice or grapefruit juice is taken. This should be done every morning for several days. It is best to consult nature cure practitioners for the length of this treatment.

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