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What to do When You get Palpitations

What you will do when you feel that heart in the chest is abnormal and you feel palpated. Do this: Take a glass of water and add a tablespoon of


and the juice of half a


Honey is proved to be valuable and considered as excellent food for the heart. This juice is easily digested and assimilated and energizes the heart quickly and you will feel relieved immediately.

What are Palpitations:

Palpitations are felt as discomforting, unpleasant sensations in the chest. It is a kind ‘thumping’ feeling and the pulse rate becomes faster than normal. These are result of irregular and forceful beating of the heart called arrhythmias.

It is advised that one should

consult to cardiologist

for pathological reasons of arrhythmias. In this article we give some of the tips that are beneficial in treating palpitations.

Guava for Treating Palpitation:

Taking a ripe guava daily in the morning, in empty stomach is another effective tip for palpitation of the heart. This is beneficial if the cause of palpitation is nervousness and anemia.

Snake Gourd Leaves for Palpitation:

The juice of snake gourd leaves is proven beneficial in palpitations. Take few fresh leaves of snake gourd leaves and extract juice out of them. Take this juice in 1 to 2 tablespoon three times a day.

Grapes for Treating Palpitation:

Grape juice is proven as beneficial in treating palpitation. The person experiencing palpitations should take this juice at frequent intervals.

Indian Spikenard for treating Palpitation:

Indian Spikenard stimulates the action of the heart. Take this herb in 2 to 3 gms adding a pinch of cinnamon and camphor to it. This is a good remedy for palpitation.

Aniseed and Dry Coriander for treating Palpitation:

Take equal quantities of aniseeds and dry coriander and powder them. Add this powder to the jaggery (about the equal quantity of each of them). Take about 6 gms of this mixture after each meal. This will treat the palpitation to good extent.

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