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Vaginal Infections – How to Cure Naturally

Take a tablespoon of

Apple cider vinegar

and mix with 2 cups of water. Use this for douching the vagina. This remedy is effective for almost all types of vaginal infections.

Vaginal Infections:

Depending on the micro-organism causing infection, there are 3 types of vaginal infections namely: Vaginal yeast infections, Bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. As the name suggests vaginal yeast infection is caused by yeast, bacterial vaginitis is caused by bacteria and trichomoniasis is caused by parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis.

Some of the

symptoms of vaginal infections

are excessive white discharge, irritation and itching around the vagina.

Yogurt for Vaginal Infections:

Yogurt is beneficial in two ways. One can apply yogurt on irritated areas to cleanse and soothe the inflammation. This is especially beneficial in yeast infections.

Yogurt acts internally also. One should eat yogurt everyday to allay the infections. It is recommended that one may take yogurt made of cow’s milk or goat’s milk. It has high content of beneficial bacteria and is easier to digest. This is the best natural way of treating vaginal infections.

Tea tree oil:

Application of tea tree oil around vagina is an effective way to cure the infections.

Garlic pastes for Vaginal Infections:

Application of garlic pastes soothes the inflammation and reduces the irritation.

Balance Diet:

It is important to take a balanced diet to get relief of vaginal infections. Balance diet helps to maintain the natural balance of protective bacteria in the body and helps prevent recurring of infections.

Other Preventive Tips Suggested are:

  • Avoid using perfumes and chemical products around vagina
  • Keep vagina clean and dry
  • Wear comfortable cotton underwear and avoid tight fittings
  • Avoid repeated douching
  • Use condoms

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