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Natural Tips During Diverticulitis

Natural ways

are not enough to cure diverticulitis completely, especially in advanced cases. However, the early phases of the disease can be handled with intake of clear liquids like soda water, fruit juices without pulp, decoctions and clear broth. One needs to consume plenty of water. Crushed ice chips, popsicles, juice pops, and vegetables juices are some of the things that can be taken during diverticulitis.

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis:

The colon or large intestine is a tube like structure that stores and eliminates wastes. Normally the colon remains evenly throughout. If there is pressure inside the colon then the tissues of the colonic walls bulge out in form of sacs. One sac is called diverticulum and many sacs through out the colon are called diverticula. The condition of having diverticula in the colon is called diverticulosis.

Due to some reasons there is inflammation and rupture in the diverticula of the colon. This rupture results in infection in tissues that surround the colon. This condition is called diverticulitis.

What all you can do during diverticulitis:

Give Complete Rest:

Rest your colon and allow it to settle down diverticulitis attack. Limit your physical activity for a few days. If you have pain in abdomen you can take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs after consulting doctor.


At one time high fiber diet is advised to prevent constipation and the formation of more diverticula. This is when the colon is at rest. But in certain situations like during acute attacks of diverticulitis, liquid or low fiber diet is recommended. This is done to reduce the amount of fibre material that passes through the colon failing which there may be aggravation of diverticulitis.

Diet Restrictions

: Nuts, corn, and seeds should not be taken in diet to prevent complications of diverticulosis. One should not take wholesome diet, chocolate, alcohol and types of fast foods.

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