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Melissa Essential Oil in Aromatherapy


is a soft, bushy perennial plant that grows in the Mediterranean region. It is about 2 feet high and has small hairy leaves with small pink flowers. It is also known as


and the oil extracted is known as balm oil.

Melissa essential oil is extracted from the fresh flowers, leaves and stems by the process of steam distillation. The yield of the oil is very less. Hence, the oil is very expensive and often sold in adulterated form.

The fragrance of the oil:

The essential oil is aromatic in nature and has a sweet, fresh, lemony aroma with a pleasing earthy note.

Melissa is well known for its calming effect and traditionally it was used when people suffered from a broken heart. It is a strong antiseptic and antiviral oil whose vapors are used to allay many airborne infections.

These are aromatherapy benefits of Melissa

  • Brings calmness to the mind
  • Calms heart beat and palpitations
  • Helpful in migraines
  • Good when used for allergies of respiratory and psychosomatic types
  • Treats car sickness effectively
  • Good in treating anorexia
  • Excellent in treating disorders of female reproductive systems such as menstrual cycle abnormalities and complications of excessive estrogen
  • Calms anxiety
  • Treats hypochondriacs
  • Also used in treating digestive disorders

Caution while using Melissa:

The oil is very expensive and often adulterated with citrus oils. It should not be taken internally. It has been identified as a narcotic. The oil is contraindicated in first five months of pregnancy. It is best to use the oil in less concentrations.

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