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Nature cure for Ringworm Patches


is one of the effective natural cures for ringworms. You can either use papaya seeds or a slice of papaya. Rub a piece of papaya directly on the ringworm patches. Another way is to apply the paste of papaya seeds and water. Let it dry for sometime and wash off with cold water.


Ringworms are contagious fungal infections that forms a red round spot on the skin. They are also called

tinea corporis.

They can be passed from one person to another either by skin contact or contact with the contaminated articles used by the infected person. Ringworms last for maximum two weeks.

Holy Basil for treating Ringworm:

Extract the juice of holy basil and apply it directly on the ringworm. This is a good natural cure for ringworm patches.

Using Turmeric:

Take few raw turmeric pieces and extract juice from it. The raw juice when applied on the patches relieves the infection off ringworm. You can drink the mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of turmeric juice.

Mustard Seeds for treating Ringworm:

Take handful of mustard seeds and make a paste with water. Before applying this, wash the infected area with hot water. Apply this paste over the patches and let it dry for sometime. Then rinse off with cold water.

Intake of Vegetable juices:

Taking half a liter of raw vegetable juice is beneficial in treating ringworm patches. Mix 200 ml of spinach juice and 300 ml of carrot juice and drink daily. This is one of the effective nature cures for the ailment.

Butea Herb for treating Ringworm:

Take seeds of the herb Butea and make a paste using lime juice. Apply this to the ringworm and rinse it once it dries. This is an effective natural way to treat ringworm.

So, try the above natural methods before taking the conventional medications for ringworm.

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