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Nature Cures for Hangover

The best thing to shun hangover is to take lot of

Vitamin C fluids.

Fresh citrus juices in the morning times are good remedies.

Lime juice

is the best. Take about 8 ounces of water and add 2 to 3 teaspoon of fresh lime juice. Add a teaspoon of sugar to it. Drink this mixture sip by sip. This gives instant relieve from hangover.


is a complication of alcohol consumption. About 75% of drinkers experience hangover after having alcohol. This is caused when alcohol is consumed in the empty stomach or due to lack of sleep and poor nutrition. Some of the symptoms of hangover are upset stomach, bad taste in mouth, a headache and feelings of guilt and uneasiness.

In this article we give some of the

natural cures for hangover

with a hope that this will not be misused. Alcohol should be taken in limits. It is always best to avoid alcohol altogether. But in some unavoidable conditions and for the complications of such unavoidable conditions below are the natural ways to get relieved.

Honey for treating hangover:

Taking one tablespoon of honey is beneficial in treating hangover. Honey has high levels of fructose which gives energy and act favorably in this condition.

Chilled Water:

Take some ice cold chilled water and wet a handkerchief with it. Apply this on the forehead. This helps in relieving headache of the hangover.

Hot Water Bath:

Taking hot water bath relieves the body-aches associated with hangover. It also helps in draining away all the toxins.

Chocolate Milk:

Drinking chocolate milk before going to bed is also good for curing hangover.

Banana Peel for Hangover

: Take one or two banana peels and immerse them in water. Allow it to cool and drink it after sometime. This is one of the easiest nature cure of hangover.

Other ways are taking tomato juice, having several cups of strong coffee, having other teas such as peppermint tea or ginger tea. If they do not cure completely, at least they have favorable effect during the hangover.

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