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Nature Cures for Nose Bleeding

Apple cider vinegar

is the best natural cure for bleeding nose. Take a cotton ball and dip in apple cider vinegar. Apply on the bleeding nose. This coagulates the blood in the nose and stops the bleeding immediately.

Nose has inner linings that contain tiny blood vessels. These delicate blood vessels are prone to ruptures. Any injury or a blow to the nose can cause nose bleeding. Infection of the mucus membranes, extreme cold, dryness in the nose and nose picking are other causes of nose bleeding.

Here are few

natural ways to cure nose bleeding:

Lemon Juice to stop nose bleeding:

Put one or two drops of freshly extracted lemon juice in the nose. This is one of the effective natural cures for nose bleeds.

Salt water:

Spray salt water surrounding you. This helps in humidifying the air and helps reducing the changes of dry nose bleeds.

Goldenseal to stop nose bleeding:

Take about half a liter water and add a teaspoon of goldenseal to it. Heat the solution till it comes to boiling. Let the decoction settle down. Snuff this in the nostril that is bleeding. Doing this few times a day can stop the bleeding altogether.

Ice Packs:

Applying ice packs on the external nose is an easy natural way to cure nose bleeding.

The Exercise:

It is best to blow the contents in the nose forcefully once. All the clots and other fluids will come out. By such forceful opening the nose contracts by itself and stops bleeding.


For dry nose bleeding, it is a must that the air should be humidified. Any good air humidifier can be used for this purpose. You can also place a wet towel on your head for this type of bleeding.

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