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Blocked Milk Ducts..What to do?

If you experience a blocked or

clogged milk duct

and it makes your breastfeeding painful, one of the easiest way is to

hot compress the breast.

Take a clean old sock and fill that halfway with uncooked rice. Put it in a microwave for a minute. Apply this to the affected breast. This will loosen up the milk in the blocked duct.


is a blissful experience that every woman loves. But sometimes this can be embarrassing as the milk ducts get blocked with the milk. The blocked milk feels like a lump in the breast. It sometimes feel tender and warm to touch. In this article we give

what shall be done

in this condition.


is one of the ways to relieve the blocked milk from the ducts. Gently massage the affected breast with fingers before and after breastfeeding. It is best to do massaging in circular motions, clockwise for the left breast and anti-clockwise for the right one. Massaging loosens up the blocks in the ducts.

Position of breastfeeding

is also important. It better to lie down and nurse. Vary your nursing position after sometime. Position the baby at your breast by putting his chin towards the clogged spot. This directs the milk in the duct towards the nipple.

The pain associated with the blocked duct can be alleviated by the alternate

warm and cold compresses

on the breasts. Warm baths followed by gentle massages can also help in relieving the pain.

Avoid wearing ill-fitting bras that block the ducts. For example bras with under wiring. Wirings in the bras put pressure on the milk ducts and glands and cause blocks in the ducts. Comfortable, well fitting cotton bras should be your choice while breastfeeding.

You can avoid the blocks by taking adequate rest. Avoid sleeping on the stomach or on the affected side of the breast in order to avoid further complications.

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