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How to Cure Snoring Naturally

Don’t you feel embarrassed when you get complaints of snoring??!!! Yes?! To stop snoring one needs to check the body weight. One of the best way is to

lose weight.

This might as well surprise you but this is true. People having ideal weight do not snore. Obese people often snore because the fat gets accumulated in the throat and cause sound in the vocal cords. Let us see a few methods to cure snoring.

Olive Oil to reduce snoring:

Taking 2 to 3 sips of olive oil before going to bed is one of the easiest way to cure snoring. If it does not cure completely, the sound created is certainly lessened. Taking this regularly eventually puts end to snoring.

Sage and Hot water to cure snoring:

Take some water and boil it. Put a bunch of sage in it and let it steep. Allow it to cool. Before going to bed gargle your throat with this mixture. This is an effective cure for snoring.

Change postures to reduce snoring problem:

Sleeping on the sides is ideal posture to reduce snoring. By doing so you can reduce the intensity of the sound created while snoring.

Lessen, better stop Smoking:

Smoking interferes with the breathing patterns and can make snoring worse. It also increases nasal congestions and mucous in the throat area. Thus you should lessen, if not stop smoking if you want to stop snoring.

Alcohol Reduction:

Yes this is next to smoking. You also need to reduce the intake of alcohol if you want to stop snoring. Alcohol acts by making the muscles and soft tissues weak, leading to snoring.

Another way is to avoid having heavy meals just before sleeping. One more advice is to avoid excessive oil and spices in dinner. Snoring is aggravated in these cases.

Regulated sleep also helps to reduce snoring. Sleep at fixed times and be regulated while getting up. It is believed to reduce snoring.

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