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Tea Tree Essential Oil In Aromatherapy

Tea tree belongs to family Myrtaceae and it gives essential oils. Its Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia. It is found in Australia. The tea tree is effective for cough, cold and headache symptoms. It has aromatherapy benefits of cleansing, uplifting and purifying.

The leaf of the tea tree is long been used by indigenous Australian people before its discovery by famous English explorer crew of James Crook. The oil is yielded by the leaves of tree. The aroma of the oil is spicy, warm, volatile and has medicinal properties. It is also used for giving spicy aroma to after shaves and colognes.

Extraction Of Tea Tree Oil:

  • Leaves of the tree are put into a still.
  • Pressurised steam is forced over them.
  • The steam extracts the essential oil.
  • It is then cooled and tea tree oil is separated from the water.

Tea Tree Oil In Aromatherapy:

It has wide applications in aromatherapy as it can be used in following ways-

  • Bath-

    add 9 to 10 drops of tea tree oil to bath water. It can be irritable for some people than others. So they can add 9 to 10 drops of oil to one tea spoon of carrier oils as jojoba oil and mix into bath water. The aroma molecules will evaporate and absorbed through skin for maximum benefits. This way tea tree oil will help you in easing pain of uro- genital infections of urethritis, cystitis and pruritis.

  • Body Lotion

    – 50 to 60 drops of essential oils to 16 ounces of unscented body lotion, stir it until it gets smooth. Apply it over skin.

  • Body Oil

    – 12 to 15 drops of oils 1 ounce of carrier oil as jojoba and shake to blend properly.

  • Take a drop of oil in palms and rub your hands together and inhale. It will encourage you for a deep breath.
  • Skin care

    – It has various health benefits as it treats burns, acne, abscess, blisters, herpes, rashes, spots, warts, wounds and oily skin.

  • Tea tree oil is acts as an astringent and a natural deodorizer for the skin.
  • It is also used to treat oily scalp and skin.

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