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Geranium Oil : How To Use In Aromatherapy?

Geranium oil is one of the most important oils used in perfumery and is a vital constituent of all fragrance types. Its botanical name is Pelargonium graveolens. Leaf yields essential oils which is used for various ailments. It has a strong leafy rose aroma with mint and fruity essence.

It is widely used in perfumery and skin care products both for its toning and cleansing properties. It is also used for tumors, wounds and fractures. It has various aromatherapy properties as it is strengthening, warming and anchoring. It can easily blend with various oils.

Geranium In Aromatherapy:

It has the ability to please and calm the mind and relieves irritability and frustration. Geranium oil has vast applications and this is the reason why it has become one of the widely used oil in aromatherapy practice. It can be used in following ways-

  • Relieves Stress-

    geranium oil is used to relieve stress, PMS and depression. The pleasant fragrance of this oil helps uplift the spirits and balances hormone levels in women.

  • Immune System Stimulation-

    geranium oil aroma stimulates the immunity. It has a strong effect on body’s ability to clear acne, burns, heal after surgery, colitis treatment and other digestive problems.

  • Anti-hemorrhagic Properties

    – Geranium oil helps clean the webbed veins by massaging with a small quantity of almond oil. Geranium oil has anti-hemorrhagic properties and repairs and reduce the internal broken capillary effects.

  • Anti-inflammatory And Analgesic Properties-

    geranium oil relieves from arthritis pain when rubbed with a massage oil perfumed with geranium oil.

  • Increases Blood Circulation-

    geranium oil application or bathing in tub scented with geranium oil helps improve the blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic system.

  • Geranium oil clears up the sore throat, aids asthma and dry up the mucus with geranium. Using few drops of oil in bath soothes the lining of mucus membrane.

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  1. Geranium oil also has a positive effect on the skin.

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