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How To Use Chamomile In Aromatherapy?

Chamomile are tiny flowers like daisies, but it smells fruity like apples and the aroma is deep, sweet and mellow. Its botanical name is Matricaria recutita. The oil of German chamomile is also called ‘Blue Chamomile’ as the colour of the oil is blue. The herb has long been grown for its various healing properties. Its smells encourages relaxation and relieves depression. The essential oil has been in use for more than 2000 years for treatment of insomnia and nervous condition.

Apart from aromatherapy properties it has, it also has therapeutic properties as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, promotes digestion, encourages menstruation, relieves gas and nausea, promotes sleep and soothes nervous tension. Its flower part is used to make the essential oil from steam distillation.

Chamomile In Aromatherapy:

It is one of the most powerful anti- inflammatories in aromatherapy and It also has fever reducing properties.
It has various uses uses in aromatherapy as-

  • Room mist-

    Add a few drops of oil in water, the use of aromatic lamps, the use of incense heating apparatus

  • Bath

    – a few drops of chamomile oil into warm water in tub, relaxes senses.

  • Skin massage-

    add few drops of chamomile oil and sandal wood oil 2 episodes in 5 ml of massage oil. Massage into skin once or twice a week will make skin moist and soft, young and full of vitality. Its aroma with aphrodisiac effect can delay aging.

  • German chamomile aromatherapy oil is an excellent treatment for insomnia, night fears and sleep disturbances.

It is a very soothing essential oil and promotes relaxation, encourages patience, eases tension and worries.
Pregnant women should take care not to use this oil in early months of pregnancy and should not be used undiluted to the skin.
German chamomile oil can be used in soap ingredients, massage oils, lotions, potpourri, scent, diffuser, air fresheners, perfume oils, bath oils, aromatherapy products, incense, facial steams and hair treatments. Hence, it has various applications in aromatherapy.

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